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Third Batch Of Epstein Documents Released

Third Release Of Documents
Jeffrey Epstein With Ghislaine Maxwell

In a continuing saga surrounding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a third installment of documents was unsealed on Friday, shedding light on additional aspects of Epstein's associations and the involvement of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. This latest release, totaling over 2,600 pages across more than 150 exhibits, stems from a defamation lawsuit settled by Maxwell, brought forth by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre.


Maxwell, 60, Epstein's former romantic partner, was convicted in 2021 for conspiring to sexually abuse underage girls, receiving a 20-year federal prison sentence. Giuffre has labeled Maxwell as the "mastermind" behind the sex trafficking ring.

The documents, encompassing depositions, incident reports, court filings, emails, and other records, expose names of witnesses, accusers, Epstein's staff, members of law enforcement, and others. Notably, individuals connected to Epstein, including Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., are mentioned in the unsealed materials.

Tijuan Alessi, a manager of Epstein's Florida residence, revealed in a 2009 deposition transcript that Prince Andrew had spent extended periods at the house, receiving daily massages. Sarah Ferguson, also mentioned, is not accused of any wrongdoing. Prince Andrew settled a 2022 lawsuit with Giuffre, denying her accusations.

The released documents include excerpts from Maxwell's videotaped deposition, where her attorney repeatedly instructed her not to answer questions about sexual activities involving herself or Epstein. Additional transcripts reveal Maxwell accusing Giuffre of falsehoods and Sarah Kellen, an Epstein employee, invoking the Fifth Amendment during her deposition.

Intriguingly, the documents disclose handwritten phone messages from Epstein's staff, featuring calls from Leslie Wexner, founder of L Brands. Wexner, initially associated with Epstein, later disavowed any knowledge of Epstein's misconduct.

The unsealed documents follow earlier releases this week, which focused on previously known accusations and legal strategies in the defamation case between Maxwell and Giuffre. Despite speculation, only one document contained a list of names, including Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, without making accusations of wrongdoing.

Jeffrey Epstein's case, marked by conspiracy theories and scrutiny over his connections, has been a focal point since his 2019 suicide while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges. The recent revelations delve into the methods authorities believe Epstein employed to exploit underage girls, unveiling disturbing details of alleged abuse at his various properties.

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