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  • Rick Walker

Epstein "Black Book List" Release Imminent

By Rick Walker: Maverick News

The shroud of secrecy surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's infamous little black book is about to lift, as the names of associates connected to the disgraced financier are poised to be disclosed, expected as soon as this Tuesday.

These names, previously concealed, are part of a legal saga dating back to a 2015 civil lawsuit filed against Epstein's former confidante, Ghislaine Maxwell. The suit was brought forth by Virginia Giuffre, a woman who asserts she was a victim of Epstein's sex-trafficking operations. Giuffre alleges that, at the age of 17, Maxwell orchestrated encounters for her with Epstein and other high-profile individuals.

Jeffrey Epstein

Among the anticipated revelations, one prominent figure is Britain's Prince Andrew, who reached a settlement with Giuffre in February 2022, vehemently denying any misconduct. Former President Bill Clinton's name is also expected to surface, although Giuffre did not accuse him of wrongdoing. The lawsuit alleges she encountered Clinton on Epstein's private island, a claim he refutes, denying any visit to the location.

In a recent development, a federal judge in New York has ordered the disclosure of the identities of 150 individuals mentioned in the lawsuit, asserting that there is no justification for maintaining the veil of secrecy.

It is noteworthy that the privacy of any victims' names will be safeguarded amid this unfolding revelation.

Jeffrey Epstein, previously convicted of sexual offenses, met his demise in a New York jail in 2019 while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges. Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted in 2021 for aiding Epstein in recruiting and sexually exploiting young girls, is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence.


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