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About Us

The Maverick News Team

Getting You Closer To The Truth





Maverick News Channel was established in 2012 as part of Maverick Mutlimedia Inc. but was retired as the company focused on other media projects including automotive programming with companies like Scripps Broadcasting in U.S. Markets.

I re-established Maverick News in 2022 because I saw the legacy media was failing to serve the public interest.  My roots are in journalism with more than 25 years of experience in Radio Broadcasting and with, CKCO-TV, CHUM Broadcasting, CTV, KRIS TV, and as a television and documentary producer contributing to magazines and specialty broadcasters including National Geographic Channel.

Honest hard hitting news, commentary and analysis. That's what Maverick News is all about. No holds barred honesty. We are practising new form journalism because journalism and the envrionment in which it is practised has changed. 

Regardless of your political views, you will find refreshing perspectives that will take you beyond the censored, filtered, narratives of the legacy media.

Maverick News is about Freedom:

* Free Speech

* Freedom of Expression

* Freedom Of The Media

 Our focus is on Freedom, and my promise is that we will always be fair, and we will put the interests of the public first.

Rick Walker

News Director / Executive Producer

Maverick News Channel

A Division of Maverick Multimedia Inc.

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