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Was Justin Trudeau's Use of Emergencies Act


The Public Order Emergency Commission hearings into the use of the Justin Trudeau Liberal / NDP Government's use of the "Emergencies Act Is Underway and will continue through most of November.  The Trudeau Government used the act to end the "Freedom Convoy" and other protests and in the process removed many of the fundamental rights Canadians have under the constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Was Justin Trudeau's use of the "Emergencies Act" justifed? Take the free survey and exercise your right to Free Speech Now!

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Sign Our Petition:
Protect Journalists From Political Violence & Killings


Journalists covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict need the support and  protection of the Canadian and U.S. governments.


This petition calls on the governments of Canada and the United States to:


* Denounce these political "hit lists" aimed at journalists, artists, and activists.

* Use diplomatic channels to apply pressure on the Ukrainian Government to use existing laws or new legislation as required to have have any "hit lists" as described removed from websites, social media platforms and publications.

* Issue a specific "Notice Of Protection" for Canadian and U.S. journalists covering Ukrainian issues, and deliver it to the Ukrainian government.

* Outline clearly for the Ukrainian government a set of,  "pro-active, protective, and responsive actions and penalties" to guard Canadian and U.S. journalists and media creators who may be targeted for politically motivated arrest or execution.

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